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I'm Josh. A husband. A father of two great boys. I love to cook, eat, workout, and spend time with my family. I want to help make Americans healthy again so I'm sharing my story, my recipes, my workouts, and my life with you.

Meal Preps and Meal Plans

I will be posting my weekly meal preparation here as well as my meal plans for the week. I keep my meal preparations simple and easy to portion so there's no guess work involved. I like to think they're tasty as well. 

My meal plans are how I portion everything for my meals for the week. Unless we (you and I) are in close to the same place physically i do not suggest you portion the same. What works for me will mostly like not work for you. 

Meal plans are very precise things that should be set up for an individual based on goals, needs, dietary restrictions, physical activity, life schedule and more. I can give you some great resources on this and will be setting up a way to create these with you...for a fee of course...but that's coming later.

Why Listen to Me???

I'm not going to be breaking any amazing new news or telling you something ground breaking. I will simply be giving you mechanisms to live a healthier life through nutrition and fitness. I will be sharing links to websites I find useful and sharing my meal preps, meal plans, and workouts. I hope you want to join me on my journey and maybe become a little healthier yourself!


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